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Testimonials of people using Whole Food Liposomal Supplements.
Gill Testimonia

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A Vegan Journey

"I’ve been using Oshun Health products for more than two years now and I swear by all their products.

The Liposomal B-Complex and Citrus C plus are those products you don’t necessarily need to take every day but, believe me, you can feel how their properties work almost instantly and sustain you throughout the day. The fulvic acid is a daily staple that supplies not only nutrients but energy too. If you feel a bit sluggish a small shot can elevate you right up. Probiotics are always important and Oshun Health’s is no different. You can really feel the difference when taking it as opposed to not. Sometimes my gut health isn’t the best and I’ve come to distinguish the different levels. When the levels are dipping, the combination of the 2 products supply everything to get me up and moving correctly. Digestion and a healthy microbiome are fundamental to running at one’s highest capacity. I can’t say I have a favourite because each product brings something different to the table but I can tell you that they really are next level if you want to function at your best."

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Sadhna’s Testimony

Being a mom to three little kids, of course, my top priority is good health, but more so, our gut health.  I love Oshun Health products for this reason. Gut health is their focus.

My family and I have been using Oshun Health products for 2 years and I strongly attest to them! We never go without their Citrus C in our home. As soon as there’s a sign of a cold, I can easily keep it at bay. I love how simple it is to take, from my 2 year old to my 7 year old! My children are so familiar with it and have no problem taking it regularly. Their fulvic acid is another of my favourites. Designed to bind to waste and remove heavy metals and toxins, it gives me the energy boost I need to go about my day!

Not only do these products do amazing things for our health, but they’re also affordable and the large bottle lasts well.
Sadhnas testimony

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Customer Reviews

Oshun Health
27 reviews
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  1. TK

    Amazing product. And tastes much better than other lipo vitamin c’s on the market. Will definitely buy more.

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  2. C

    Do not enjoy the taste but

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  3. C

    Love this Liposomal Vit C – tastes great, works like a bomb!
    Great product! One of my essentials in my medicine cupboard.

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  4. A

    been using the products for 2 weeks, and am feeling good.

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  5. A

    I have been using the products for 2 weeks now.Feel good

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Based on 14 Reviews
Tania Rai
29 April 2024

Was happy to try ur products for the first time . Enjoyed the benefits. Thank you

Zeenat Sarlie
19 April 2024

I am so happy I discovered the Oshun health products. The curcumin has been extremely helpful with joint pains that started at menopause. I really don’t feel pain that I used to feel in my hip and shoulder.

Jonike Dreyer
22 September 2023

Great service and quick delivery by Oshun Health! Because of Florish spore probiotic I am no longer struggling with digestive issues!! The simple act of taking two capsules a day has improved my quality of life drastically and I would recommend this product to anyone!

Gideon Rupping
3 August 2023

The OSHUN CANINE NUTRITIONAL FORMULA is in a class of its own. It makes an "Old Dog do new Tricks". Seriously gives an Elderly Dog a new lease on Life.

I am so thankful for the probio. Made such a difference to my stomach problems. The liquid probiotics are the only ones that do me any good. Yours are excellent. And the service is outstanding.

I have been suffering from extreme acid reflux that I thought I'm having cancer so bad i was burning inside my ches and stomach and oesophogous i was then told to go on the Oshun Probiotic and the Circumin it's been 2 weeks already and feel amazing even thinking to cancel my gastroscopy.. I've been on this product before 2 years ago and worked wonderful would recommend this two products for everyone to use on a daily basis ..a healthy gut gives a healthy body so there u go u can't go wrong with probiotic and curcumin, thanks to oshun health******

Claudine Henchie
30 March 2023

Love you products, we normally use the Liposomal Vit C, whenever the flu creeps its way in, we dose a bit more and get sorted out quickly. Kids love it because it tastes better than some of the other ones I have tried, the price is great, product is great, online store is easy to use and service is great, overall LOVE Oshun Health.

Jessica Leske
10 February 2023

An absolutely lovely range!

Mariam Kariel
25 March 2021

My husband has been diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis a few years ago and has been on medication ever since. He has also tried many different herbal medicines to help him with his pains and also to reduce the intake of his prescribed medication.Some improvement was made but not consistent and he has almost given up then he was given a bottle of pro 32 probiotics and also a bottle of curcumin boost as a gift.He was skeptical at first but started taking this daily and wow!! after the first week he felt an improvement in his joints. He could not even lift his knee a week ago.His swelling started going down and his pain slowly subsided.He has been taking this for over a month now and the results is amazing. I highly recommend for people to try it out the natural way.These products is really fantastic.

Rob James
9 September 2020

Awesome service every time...never disappointed. Always a pleasure dealing with Mariette! Best quality products at really great prices!! Thanks Oshun Health!

10 June 2020

Best customer service at the highest level which I have never experienced before. Mariëtte went over and beyond to assist me with products I needed urgently. Thank you for the amazing service, you are absolutely amazing.

Anne Ruth Barrett
6 March 2020

Looks like a great product; I like the fact that the ingredients are organic.

Emailed Reviews

15 December 2022

I have been taking Fulvic acid for about 3 years now and will continue to do so. I felt an increase in energy levels almost immediately. I don’t have my usual afternoon slump anymore. I have also noticed a major improvement in my gut health. I have suffered from minor digestive issues most of my life. After I started taking Fulvic acid, I feel less bloated and a lot more energetic. As far as health products go, Fulvic acid is one of the best choices I have ever made and I can highly recommend it.

12 December 2022

I am Sally Burger from the Strand. I am 83 years old. I started using CURCUMIN BOOST 2 months ago and when I started the 2nd bottle I started to feel the change in my arthritis and fibromyalgia. It must have blood thinning effects as my cholesterol has come down a lot as well as my memory and brain fog has improved. I call it THE SPICE OF LIFE.

Sally Burger
6 December 2022

Best customer service at the highest level which I have never experienced before. Mariëtte went over and beyond to assist me with products I needed urgently. Thank you for the amazing service, you are absolutely amazing.

Vanessa Du Toit
30 November 2022

I have arthritis and I am often in a lot of pain. When I started taking Curcummin Boost I felt a huge difference within the first week. I will never stop taking it because of its huge benefits.

Hester la Grange
6 November 2022

Awesome service every time…never disappointed. Always a pleasure dealing with Mariette! Best quality products at really great prices!! Thanks Oshun Health!

Robbie Boonzaier
21 September 2022

I absolutely love this product. It makes me feel incredible and full of energy. If I’m having a slight ‘down’ day it makes a great ‘ pick me up’ too. My son is 10 and will not let me go without giving him his daily 10 ml. He thinks it is delicious. I do too.

Fiona Ayerst
6 September 2022

I started using this pre workout fulvic acid around 2 months ago and I have had tremendous results. I am 48 and do heavy weight training to bulk up and there are 2 things I almost noticed immediately l. First it was my energy and endurance level that has increased powerfully and then my recovery was faster than it has ever been even in my prime in my late 20’s early 30s. Another huge improvement I have noticed was that my lactic acid build up after training has been reduced at least with 90%! This enabled me to train the next day with virtually no pain or uncomfortableness. I would highly recommend this pre workout to anyone looking to take their performance and health to the next level