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Citrus C Plus

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Liposomal whole food
Vitamin C.

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Tania Rai
29 April 2024

Was happy to try ur products for the first time . Enjoyed the benefits. Thank you

Zeenat Sarlie
19 April 2024

I am so happy I discovered the Oshun health products. The curcumin has been extremely helpful with joint pains that started at menopause. I really don’t feel pain that I used to feel in my hip and shoulder.

Jonike Dreyer
22 September 2023

Great service and quick delivery by Oshun Health! Because of Florish spore probiotic I am no longer struggling with digestive issues!! The simple act of taking two capsules a day has improved my quality of life drastically and I would recommend this product to anyone!

Gideon Rupping
3 August 2023

The OSHUN CANINE NUTRITIONAL FORMULA is in a class of its own. It makes an "Old Dog do new Tricks". Seriously gives an Elderly Dog a new lease on Life.

I am so thankful for the probio. Made such a difference to my stomach problems. The liquid probiotics are the only ones that do me any good. Yours are excellent. And the service is outstanding.

I have been suffering from extreme acid reflux that I thought I'm having cancer so bad i was burning inside my ches and stomach and oesophogous i was then told to go on the Oshun Probiotic and the Circumin it's been 2 weeks already and feel amazing even thinking to cancel my gastroscopy.. I've been on this product before 2 years ago and worked wonderful would recommend this two products for everyone to use on a daily basis ..a healthy gut gives a healthy body so there u go u can't go wrong with probiotic and curcumin, thanks to oshun health******

Citrus C Plus

Citrus C Plus with Zinc, Selenium, Vitamin D3 and K2

Citrus C Plus with Zinc, Selenium, Vitamin D3 and K2 500ml

Citrus C Plus 500ml

  • Vegan-friendly immune booster safe enough for children, and effective enough for adults.
  • Liposomal whole food/natural Vitamin C extracted directly from organic oranges, lemons and baobab with added fulvic acid, zinc, selenium, vitamin D3 (plant-derived) and K2.
  • It contains all the phytochemicals and nutritional cofactors of the fruit from which it’s extracted.
  • These elements are important for how the body uses nutrition.

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Use coupon code: cplus50


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