Canine Nutritional Formula (180ml)

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Oshun Health’s Canine Nutritional Formula consists of an organic blend of fulvic acid, omega 3’s, amino acids, minerals, trace elements, and natural anti-inflammatories (curcumin). It contains no artificial flavours, colourants, dairy products, wheat, GMO's, fillers or additives. It is scientifically formulated with the utmost care taken to source ingredients ethically.


Fulvic acid is an organic and active chemical compound that forms when organic plant material breaks down due to humification (composting). Considered the ultimate “nutrient booster,” fulvic acid helps your dog's body to absorb and use other nutrients better (e.g. microbiota/probiotics, antioxidants, electrolytes, fatty acids and minerals). Due to its unique chemical structure, fulvic acid is able to fight free radical damage that contributes to nearly every chronic disease there is.

Except for the fact that fulvic acid naturally contains more than 70 minerals and trace elements, it also:

  • Assists with the treatment of coprophagia (poop eating) as it contains many of the minerals that dogs with coprophagia crave.
  • Removes heavy metals and body toxins from the dog's body.
  • Extends the time nutrients remain active – potentiates the availability of essential nutrients. Increases the metabolism of proteins, contributing to DNA and RNA synthesis.
  • Is a powerful natural electrolyte and restores electrochemical balance.
  • Increases the activity of a host of enzyme systems.
  • Helps to rebuild the immune system.
  • Increases the bioavailability of nutrients and minerals.
  • Restores, rejuvenate and repairs the skin and body from the inside
  • Is a ferocious antioxidant and free radical scavenger.

The fulvic acid we use is extracted from Canadian sphagnum moss, an exceptionally pure source free from heavy metals and pesticides. We use a gentle method of extraction that doesn’t involve chemicals or high temperatures, a method that mimics the way fulvic acid is formed in nature itself. Furthermore, Oshun Health’s Canine Nutritional Formula contains curcumin that works by inhibiting a critical enzyme in the inflammatory process in the body. This can produce the most dramatic reduction in pain and inflammation making Oshun Health’s Canine Nutritional Formula ideal for dogs with arthritis or other joint pains.

The fish hydrolysate (obtained from organically farmed fish) in the product adds amino acids and omega 3’s to the mix and makes it tasty for dogs.


  • Small breeds - 5ml every second day
  • Medium breeds - 10ml every second day
  • Large breeds - 15ml every second day

Sprinkle over food, in water, or administer orally. Shake gently before use. Store below 25 degrees, preferably in fridge. 


Should not be taken with tap water as the chlorine in tap water interacts negatively with fulvic acid.



Fulvic acid : 60mg

Fish Hydrolysate: 500mg

Curcumin Extract: 10mg


The bottle contains just over a month's supply for a medium sized dog.


We are not veterinarians and this product is not intended to treat disease or serve as a replacement for professional medical advice. Rather, Oshun Health’s Canine Nutritional Formula provides elements that are essential to the dog’s wellbeing which, in turn helps its body to heal itself.

3 reviews for Canine Nutritional Formula (180ml)

  1. Henriette Davis

    I can highly recommend this product. My 12 year old dachshund used to get a daily dose of Petcam anti-inflammatory medication, which helped a lot, but one could see he was still struggling with joint pain. He’s been on the Canine Nutritional Formula for 2 months now. No more Petcam and he is more mobile than what he has been in about 2 years. We can even take him for walks again and he is visibly pain-free after exercise.
    This product had such an amazing effects on my dog, that I too started the Curcumin and Pro32 products – hoping for the same results as my dog

  2. Paula Dawson

    My 13.5 year old Staffie was also struggling and needing the petcam liquid. He’s also now off it and we have seen such an improvement. He’s even jumping on the couches again . We are so thrilled to have our bouncing old man back.


    My 10 year-old German She[pherd was battling with stiff back legs and my niece recommended your Canine nutritional Formula.
    After 10 days the improvement in her mobility was remarkable–she wants to play all the time and is like a 5-year-old! Your delivery service is also excellent. Thank you ! Lesley Savage

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