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Although the  power of curcumin as a natural anti-inflammatory has been proven beyond a doubt, it is not easily absorbed by the body. Oshun Health’s Liposomal Curcumin uses liposomal technology to overcome this problem. A liposome is a microscopic, spherical-shaped vessel of which the outer layer closely resembles the structure of the body’s cell membranes. This outer structure makes it possible for the liposome to deliver its contents, in this case curcumin, directly into the cells of the body where it’s needed most.  Oshun Health’s liposomal curcumin boost takes liposomal delivery one step further, however. By also adding fulvic acid, the transport system used by all living organisms to facilitate the absorption of nutrients, into the sphere, absorption is increased even further, making liposomal curcumin boost 100% absorbable.  

Oshun Health’s Liposomal Curcumin contains the full spectrum of active curcuminoids not just one or two. It also contains piperine which prevents the premature breakdown of curcumin in the gut and increases its lifespan. 


Adults: Take 10ml daily. 

Contact a health care practitioner to determine the dosage for children


Do not use with anti-coagulants and/or diabetic medication.


Serving size: 10ml

Servings per container: 25

MCT: 1g

Curcumin extract: 200mg

Piperine: 2,5mg

Fulvic Acid: 25mg

Other ingredients: Water

This product contains no artificial flavours, colourants, dairy products or wheat. 


This product is not intended to treat disease or serve as a replacement for professional medical advice. Rather Oshun Health’s Liposomal Vitamin C provides elements that are essential to individual wellbeing which, in turn, helps the body to heal itself.



Almost all chronic diseases — from diabetes to heart disease to arthritis to Alzheimer’s disease — have one thing in common: unchecked, destructive inflammation. Unlike synthetic drugs, which typically work against only a single inflammatory pathway, natural curcumin reduces inflammation through its effects on multiple inflammation targets.1

Because of this anti-inflammatory activity, as well as its ability to kill tumor cells, increased activity of protective antioxidants such as glutathione, and modulate tumor growth cell factors, curcumin is effective against hundreds of diseases.

Curcumin is also a potent antioxidant, able to neutralize unstable, reactive free radicals. Free radicals are molecules with a missing electron that stabilize themselves by “stealing” electrons from neighbouring molecules, creating another free radical in the process. This chain reaction of free radical formation is known as a free radical cascade, and it can result in cellular damage (called oxidative stress) leading to inflammation and chronic disease—including cancer. Free radicals can negatively impact all body systems, including the immune system. Curcumin, like other antioxidants, is able to stop free radical cascades without becoming unstable itself. Its ability to neutralize free radicals is extraordinarily strong. In fact, curcumin has an antioxidant value of over 1,500,000 per 100 g. The dual properties of curcumin as both anti-inflammatory and super antioxidant contribute to its reputation as an extremely powerful natural medicine.

 In technical terms, curcumin has been found to:

  • Suppress activation of NF-kB, which regulates the expression of pro-inflammatory gene products
  • Downregulate COX-2, the enzyme linked to most inflammation
  • Inhibit 5-LOX, another pro-inflammatory enzyme
  • Downregulate the expression of cell surface adhesion molecules linked to inflammation
  • Inhibit the activity of TNF, one of the most pro-inflammatory cytokines (cell-signaling protein molecules)

In short, it is believed that curcumin works by inhibiting a critical enzyme in the inflammatory process in the body. This can produce the most dramatic reduction in pain and inflammation. 

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  1. Hester la Grange

    I have arthritis an I am often in a lot of pain. When I started taking Curcummin Boost I felt a huge difference within the first week. I will never stop taking it because of its huge benefits

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