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Why Stewed Apple is the Most Underrated Food for Healing the Gut

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Published: 20 November 2022
Mariëtte Marais
Modified at: 26/02/2023
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Did you know that one of the most powerful foods on the planet for healing the gut and reversing antibiotic damage is none other than stewed apples?! If you’ve dealt with or researched leaky gut syndrome before, you may have seen references to the usual gut-sealing foods like bone broth, aloe vera juice, fermented vegetables, and coconut (for medium-chain fatty acids!) Yet all this time, an inexpensive and widely available ‘superfood’ has been hiding right under our noses: good old applesauce.

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First, let’s review a little background on the concept of leaky gut (although I’m sure most of you are familiar!)

Since the gut houses so much of your immune system & immune response, it’s an important place to look when you’re dealing with chronic illness and inflammation. We are increasingly bombarded with substances such as pesticides, heavy metals, etc. that damage the sensitive, porous lining of the gut (and mess with the balance of probiotics vs. pathogens). As the porosity of that lining increases, larger food molecules and objects that the body sees as ‘foreign’ can more easily enter the bloodstream. Over time, the body may begin to react to even the healthiest foods with an inflammatory response that can mimic allergies, skin rashes, emotional outbursts, and so much more. Thus, if you’re a person that is sensitive to a long list of foods, this post is for you!

Why Stewed Apples?

Here is why stewed apple is so healing and therapeutic: when apples are fully cooked, you’ll see that the skin begins to shimmer. This means the pectin (a special type of fiber) from inside the apple is now available on the surface. This pectin is an easily accessible fuel that your gut cells can instantly use to heal and regenerate. Pectin also selectively feeds your probiotics. When properly fueled, probiotics (your gut warriors!) can grow in population and overpower harmful pathogens and parasites that may have been thriving and causing uncomfortable symptoms.

As the good bugs eat the pectin, they products SCFAs (short chain fatty acids) that benefit the lining of your colon. These SCFAs acids also promote epithelial growth of the cells in the intestines, thereby reducing leaky gut. Cooking the apples makes them gentler on the digestive system if the gut is very inflamed. Pectin also binds with and eliminates heavy metals from your body, which could be contributing to the problem in the first place!

Scientific research also indicates that apples are associated with:

  • Allergy protection against rhinitis and asthma
  • Antioxidant protection
  • Inflammation control
  • Optimal gut bacteria balance
  • Enhanced detoxification and bacterial balance (thanks to the fiber content)

I guess that settles it – an apple a day really does keep the doctor away. I’m glad that applesauce is such an inexpensive and universally available food, and have always intuitively incorporated it into my routine. Go enjoy a cup for me – happy healing!

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